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The new ticketless parking system is designed to improve the parking by allowing vehicles to park without the hassle of acquiring tickets. It is intended to make the parking faster and more convenient. This will also lower down the operational cost and eliminate the possibility of operational issues such as the downtime in case of ticket jam. So, how does this new parking system works?

The Ticketless Parking System

When you enter the car park, a digital camera will be taking a photo of your car’s plate number. There is also a digital clock that will display the time, so since this is a ticketless parking system, you have to remember the time that you enter on the parking area. If you are done with all your shopping or your appointment within the area, you are instructed to proceed directly to the autopay station. The autopay station will immediately identify your plate number, and you can initiate your payment. After you managed to pay the complete amount of payment, you can proceed to the exit. The system will instantly recognize your plate number and the arm barrier will rise.

There are other features that are being developed with the new ticketless parking system. If you are afraid that paying on the autopay station can take a chunk of your time, you may be able to sign-up online in the future and register your credit card. The system will automatically deduct the parking fee on your credit card.

Parking permit for the disabled highly differs when it comes to the rates in parking. The disability permit will need to be certified one time, and the justification for the rebated toll will automatically be applied on the ticketless parking system. If you have a certain form of disability, and you have a parking permit, you have to visit the administration’s office in order to validate your permit.

The ticketless parking system is designed to bring a radical change that will augment the convenience for different user of parking space and minimize the workload of the operators. For the drivers, you will no longer need to remember your tickets. You will receive no fine in case that you tickets are lost. There is also less room for mistake since every aspects of the system is computerized and with minimal human intervention. This means that you will have the efficiency of fast entry and fast exit.

On the part of the operators, the ticketless parking system is a cost-effective solution since the demand for staff is greatly reduced. There are also minimum lanes required for exit and entry allowing you to have more parking spaces. The automated system will also present you a comprehensive report about your earnings as well as reports on traffic.

This ticketless parking system is one of the most innovative systems that are destined to improve our way of life.

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