Security System Installation and Maintenance
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Autogate System

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Auto Gate Supplies – collaborate with reputable contractor who supply the gate at reasonable price;
Motor & Spare Part – we install high quality machine & spare parts to your auto gate;
Product Warranty – our auto gate systems comes with manufacturer warranty.

Barrier Gate System

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Card Access Control – mid range and long range reader with card access control;
Repair & Maintenance – to ensure our client’s barrier gate system is always in good condition;
Product Warranty – our technician are always ready to support.

CCTV System

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HD CCTV – allowing clear surveillance with high resolution video recording;
Night Vision Camera – see clearly in total darkness;
Smart Camera – control the camera at home or office from your phone.

Alarm System

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Smart Home Alarm System – monitor your home from just about anywhere;
Wired Alarm System – reliable and low maintenance cost;
Wireless Alarm System – very flexible, can be extended at any time.

Door Access System

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Provide Safe Environment – limiting unnecessary access to restricted areas;
Emergency Lockdown – doors can be locked down or unlocked immediately in an emergency;
Different Level of Access – allowed certain people to gain access at different door.

Time Attendance System

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Save Money – reduce labor costs in manually calculating and to process payroll;
Easy to Use – a software is installed in the machine to review staffs’ attendance;
Reduce Errors – this system gives you 100% accuracy in attendance record.

Other Services

PABX Phone System

PABX Telephone System

  • Automatic telephone switching system used by organisations.
  • cost-effective and time-efficient solutions
  • make phone calls within an office using extension numbers under a central external phone line

Fire Fighting / Protection System

Fire Fighting / Protection System

  • Installation of Fire Fighting System
  • Routine repairs and major maintenance
  • supply Fire Protection System
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SUPPLY & INSTALL: CCTV & alarm system, door access system, time attendance system, autogate & barrier gate system.

SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE: Our technicians are always there to handle any kind of security system and get the best solutions for our client.

FREE CONSULTATION: Provide best security system for our customers with latest technology according to their budget.

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