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You can find several commercial and residential complex using cctv camera. That is because they are a necessity and come with so many benefits. Today, crimes are happening at a rapid pace. To reduce them, these security cameras are extremely useful as they help stop them from happening because owners can clearly see the faces of the culprits.

There are some features of a camera which are extremely required for a cctv camera to perform the task efficiently. When you choosing a cctv camera for your home, you should go through their features and then decide. The capability, the price of the camera and the coverage of the system must be found out.

CCTV camera with high definition (HD)

A HD cctv camera can record larger image and detailed video with clear resolution. A clearer and better quality image is important for facial recognition or identify the license plate number for security purposes.

The cctv camera needs to come with night vision. Some camera does not come with night vision. When that is the case, then installing the camera in sensitive locations might not seem like a good idea. Night vision is a must as it can help you see the happenings in the darkness. It can be inside your house or outside.

Motion activated recording

The motion activated recording of the camera is the main feature of the system. Unless the camera can capture this, there is no use of getting them installed. Of course most of the security cameras come with this feature. The distance the camera is able to capture can vary, but those who are nearby must be able to be captured.

Cost of system

The price of the security system is the first thing which you will want to take note of. Though the features are always there and play an important role. The pricing is vital for your decision making. Unless you can afford it, you cannot use it. So, first look out for the price range and then the features of the camera.


This indicates the capability of the cctv camera, how long it can be in operation.

There are plenty of cameras from which you can select from in the market. However, you will want to make the choice based on your requirements. It would not seem wise on your part just to spend your hard money for a camera just because it comes with many features, which you might not require in your home or office.

Go through online sources and find out more on cameras. Understand them better and then decide which one you find useful for your home or business.

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